Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting to Texas to say Goodbye - Can You Help?

My mother has been gravely ill for well over a month. She's been in, then out, then in, back out, and now back IN the hospital.  Mom's partner informed me today that Mom is so weak she can't even speak on the phone. My sense is that this is either The End, or The Beginning of the End. Even if she makes it home again, she will still be in horrific pain and in need of several other surgeries, including hip replacement, and such.

At the moment, she's slated for exploratory surgery to determine the source or cause of the intestinal blockage. A colonoscopy didn't work - they couldn't get to the problem area.  I know that Mom is scared, in a lot of pain, and wondering what will happen. I'm feeling all those things, too.

My mother and I have a history that is filled with dysfunction early in my life. She was a cruel drunk, physically and mentally abusive, and actually paid me not to show my face when she was home.  Still, I've forgiven her. Gone are the days when I used to be filled with blinding rage at all she'd done. I gave ~myself~ the gift of forgiving my Mom.  She and I now have a good relationship, and I love her (and know that she loves me).  Her drinking days are over, thank goodness - that helps a lot.

I am now in the process of thinking of creative ways to raise the funds to buy a plane ticket to Houston (from Seattle). Probably best to buy a one-way, and then wait and see what happens before I schedule another one-way back to Seattle.  Any way you slice it, this will be expensive.

I have two gold rings, one from my mother, and another small engagement ring I got years ago, both of which I'm trying to sell.  I'm meeting with a local vendor this week to discuss this option.  I'm also looking at my clothing and silver jewelry, wondering what might sell for a few bucks on CraigsList or eBay.

A friend suggested that I also consider putting up a blog page that allows readers to donate, even tiny amounts.  I thought about it, and decided, "Why not?" If people want to make a love offering of even $1.00, it will get me that much closer to a plane ticket.

If you have a few dollars to give, bless you.  If you don't have a few dollars to give, bless you as well.  My heartfelt thanks to everyone who's been so kind and compassionate as I deal with this heartbreaking situation.

_/|\_ Namasté