Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hide in Plain Sight (bull & cow hides)

I love making drums. I've finessed my technique over time, and am happy with the end results. I use drums for shamanic journeys, like the video above. I've been told I "give good journey."

A couple of days ago, my partner was perusing Craig's List - specifically, the "free items" category. She ran across an ad that she brought to my attention immediately. After reading the ad, I called the contact number. The ad had only been placed that morning, and I was the first caller. Score! The hides are mine to pick up.

A gentleman has two hides that he tanned himself:

- a red (Scottish Highlander)cow hide, which has a slightly furry
- a rather gigantic (and furry!) black bull hide, coming from
an animal weighting approximately 1600 pounds.

These two new hides will be quite different from the elk rawhide I normally use. I may try making a drum from the red hide - it would be very unusual, and striking in its natural color.

Later this morning, we'll meet up with this gentleman and pick up the hides from his home. The bull hide is truly huge, so we're taking my sweetie's car, which has MUCH more cargo space.

Ideas for leather work with these hides are plentiful. I miss working with hide or leather. When I do work with these materials, I always take time to thank the spirit of the animal, and then I ensure that whatever I'm making is used in sacred space, or at least for a sacred purpose.

I'm looking forward to seeing and then working with these hides. They will certainly keep me out of trouble for awhile. ;)

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