Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let Your Energy Flow - Love & Hope Will Prevail

Yes, I know. The results of the recent elections have many of us who are progressive in a bit of a downward spiral. If you listen to the pundits (something I highly recommend you NOT do), it can seem as if all is lost, that Obama will be unable to advance any further with his progressive agenda. This is not the case. Yes, in the case of the House of Representatives, we now have the Inmates running the Asylum, but we've dealt with that before, when Reagan was in office, and the infamous Contract On (With) America was the rallying cry of the day.

I've been reading about quantum mechanics and the link between consciousness and the shape of reality. We quite literally shape our world by how we think about it. So, if you dwell in fear, you're helping to create a fear-based mentality and society. If, however, you can pull back a little bit, and realize that all is not lost, that we as a citizenry have powers to us available in the form of boycotts, civil disobedience and other tools, it shouldn't feel so overwhelming. I firmly believe that Love will ~always~ transcend fear, eventually - and sometimes in ways I could never imagine.

Think ahead two years. Obama will be up for re-election, and the GOP and TeaBaggers will have proven themselves unable to come up with any real ideas or solutions to move this country forward. And if the GOP won't allow for the fact that Obama inherited George W. Bush's (gigantic) economic mess and untenable war, and that it takes time and effort to effect change, then we have to hold them to the same standard. Unless the GOP can turn around the economy and have robust  job growth, etc., then in a case of, "Put up or shut up," we can vote them out.

The progress we are making as a society can sometimes get lost in the rattle and hum of the various parties shouting each other down. But reflect on how far we've come, even in just the last 20 years. Progress will continue, though not necessarily on the timetable you or I would prefer.

I will trust the process, and refuse to feed the fear. Fear-mongering is something the GOP does exceptionally well, and I'm now wise to their ways. I hope that you will be, too. Focus on Love, Peace and Understanding, within yourself and within society as a whole. In so doing, we jointly create these realities.

Love to you all,


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